Welcome to the Back Alley

by | Feb 11, 2018 | 1 comment

Cheers! Our blog page is a work in progress. We are great brewers, but not so great in the tech area. We appreciate your visit and are happy to help you learn more about craftbeer. Are you new to the craftbeer scene? Did you know that Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co is the first brewery in Wabasha, MN, since prohibition. We have toyed with what to call ourselves and you may have heard about Wabasha Brewing, well that is located in St. Paul, MN, on Wabasha St. near the Wabasha Caves. We would welcome a visit from them and work together to make the Wabasha brand something to write home about. In the meantime, simply enjoy our process of building a top notch destination brewery pub in Wabasha, MN. Home of the Grumpy Old Men Movies and yes February 2018, Ford & Brenda created the Putz-Moron Black & Red Ale. We encourage you to come and enjoy all there is to do in Wabasha-Kellogg, MN PS, I mention Kellogg, MN, because that is my hometown where I grew up. Yes, I am a local HoppyGirl. #drinklocalstaylocal at Turning Waters Bed, Breakfast and Adventure, Hoppy Girl Brewing, LLC dba Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co. We will see you in the back alley soon.